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This is the next instalment of the Passengers project.  Early 2008 and the Credit-Crunch hasn’t bitten yet. These are some portraits of fellow travellers just going about their business, not knowing what was around the corner.


7:00 am, Goring Station, Platform 1.

She holds a metal flask-mug.
Long straw-coloured hair looks wet,
Although the weather is dry.
She smiles, talking to the man
On the blue metal bench.
Wearing a peach t-shirt and denim skirt
Just above the knees, legs crossed.

Both man and woman
appear to be in their forties.

He wears a grey suit. To his right.
She sits; to his left, a copy of the Daily Express.
He listens. He wears a shirt, no tie.
Hair cropped short, at the front receded
In the midst of harvest.


Platform 1, Bracknell

She rifles around in her large gold handbag;
Swaps hands.
Pulls out a mobile, which she holds in both hands.
She stares intently at its screen,
Her hair is pulled black in a flowing ponytail, skin lightly tanned.
Green t-shirt, an apple-leaf-green.
Grey trousers, tight, then flared, slip-on shoes with a slight heel.


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