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Monthly Archives: January 2013

A topical one for the snowy weather we’re experiencing.

Snow Day

A thin covering of snow at Didcot:
sparkling carpet;
footprints of men and cats
lead to the train station.

Trains cancelled or delayed.
The 7:28 sits idle.
“Hello Joe”,
Passenger with grey suit, no tie,
“What do you mean
you’re not going in?
you’re crazy
it’s the credit crunch.
Things to do
We’ve got a meeting
Hold on-“
(He gets off the stationary train)
Whistle blows
Doors beep their warning
Train goes.
Through the window,
deserted white roads,
a smattering of stoic drivers.

Change at Reading,
a deeper pile carpet
snow spiralling down.
“All trains to Waterloo delayed
We apologise for the delay
this may cause.
to your journey.”

The warmth of the coffee shop;
melting commuters
decide one by one:
Go home.

London Literary Project

My 60 word piece has been featured in the London Literary Project’s 24 Hour London project. Go have a look, it’s an intriguing project about the city and it’s great to be a small part of it.