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I just read the penultimate issue of Garth Ennis’ magnum opus comic series The Boys, and it’s been quite a ride at seventy-one issues so far.

It’s been in turns hilarious, gruesome, poignant and ultra-violent.  But I think when it comes down to it, it’s got a lot more heart than you might think if you just read the reviews, or took it at a superficial level.

It’s about very bad superheroes and the very bad team who keep them in line.

But it has a lot of heart too.

Let’s hear it for Wee Hughie, who could so easily have been your normal decent guy, who, out for revenge at the death of a loved one becomes a monster.  How many times have we seen that story?  Hughie’s better than that.  This is a story about a decent man who has all the horrors of the world perpetrated against him.  Very bad things.  But I’m hoping this is the story of the decent man who despite everything can remain a good person.


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