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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Check out the latest issue of Sein und Werden, featuring one of my short stories, a ‘poem’ and collaborative flash fiction with the Clockhouse London Writers here:

I was so pleased to hear that Sein und Werden, under the guest editorship of Jason E Rolfe was to feature OuLiPo.

OuLiPo basically involves writing with restrictions, such as Georges Perec’s novel A Void, which omits the letter ‘e’.  Equally impressive in a way is the translation of the full text of the novel from French to English, doing the same.

For more detail about OuLiPo check out the issue of Sein und Werden itself, or

For what OuLiPo means, check this out:

Basically, I was pleased when submissions were called for this, for where else would I place a story that (mostly) leaves out the letter ‘i’?  I love OuLiPo writing, because far from being academic, writing with a constraint such as leaving out ‘i’ forced me be more inventive and thoughtful in the words I chose.  I’d recommend it as a workout for any writer.