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Here are badges I’ve earned from some of my favourite spoken word and open mic nights!

I love writing collaboratively so I present a link to a piece I participated in as part of the Clockhouse London Writers

Delighted to have a New poem out in Edinburgh’s Little Living Room. With a theme close to my heart, Role Play, it’s lovingly illustrated throughout and full of high quality poetry and prose on the theme.

Excited about doing the first live reading for a while as part of the Edinburgh Fake Fringe on Sunday! Expect poetry, stories, fairy tales, seagulls and more!

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve posted here. 2019. Has much happened since I’ve been away?

So I’ve been busy, living in a pandemic/ dystopia, dayjobbing in my flat, parenting and working on different projects. I love WordPress as a platform though so I’m going to be updating this more as I do more poetry and prose.

So the latest thing is I’ve got a poem published in the Edinburgh Art magazine Little Living Room. It’s a lovely package of Art, Poetry and Prose run by a Collective in Edinburgh. Really good to be in this one, I found out about it from a local street library in Edinburgh. So the poem in this one, which is a mental health-themed edition is about lockdown and not just surviving it.

Note in these pictures not only the contributor copy of the magazine but also a shelf including some other publications I’ve got work in, and also books on Writing/ Art. Also toys, uh, I mean Science Fiction ornaments…

May be an image of book and indoor
May be an image of book

I’ve got a new poem on the BBC, Different Planets! This was created for performance at Tonic with a prompt in their Scratch.


Latest International Electromatics track available to stream below!

I love the stomping dark electronic music Richard Cook’s created from the lyrics I gave him, inspired by the American Psycho movie.


Pleased to say I’ve got one of my stories broadcast on BBC Upload. You can catch it here, on this link. I’m on at about 13:30 minutes in, but it’s worth listening to the lot!

One of the saving graces for 2018 for me, was all the fun writing and spoken word events.

Here are a few highlights from the year, in more or less chronological order:

  1. The Weston Super Mare (first ever!) Literary Festival:

At the official launch I met local dignitaries and other participating writers. I didn’t meet Jeffrey Archer:


Picture credit: unknown (if you know, tell me!)

I took part in two events for this, one was a workshop where we ran through some ideas to start people writing short fiction, freewriting and so on, and the other was the book launch for Another Place and Voices Along the Road.

This was a lot of fun, and it was brilliant to read alongside writers who I’m friends with in Weston, Bristol and Didcot, as well as some great writers I’d not met before.

WSM Literary Festival ANother Place and Voices from the Road launch2

Picture credit: Sarah Shillam

2. Talking Tales

I read stories at Talking Tales at the Left Bank in Stokes Croft, run by Stokes Croft Writers, in April and December this year.

Here’s the crew from December, many of them featured in the To Hull and Back anthology, launched at this event.

Talking Tales December 2018

In April, I was caught on video:

And in December, in a Hat:

Talking Tales December 2018 1

Picture and video credits Thomas David Parker

3. Story Sunday

Run by Bristol’s Writing Unchained, and, as the name gives away, on a Sunday. These are always fund and I read a triptych of flash fiction based on a bee. Not the only story about bees that night, either!

Story Sunday April 2018 venue1

Story Sunday Montage 2018

Picture credits unknown (if you know, tell me!)

4. Tonic

A vibrant, relatively new poetry night. I did the open mic in October and was one of the scratch artists in November, which was a lot of fun. The organisers gave me a prompt to write to, so I was able to bring a new poem I wouldn’t have written otherwise. They take good photos, too.

Tonic November 2018

I’m the only one holding a beer.


Picture credits: Chris Richard Beale

5. Other enjoyable spoken word nights

No pictures, but I’ve had really good nights this year at several other spoken word nights.

There’s the fantastic Weston-Super-Mare poetry night Wordmustard. This must be the highlight of Weston’s literary life, a great open mic and feature poets are many fine slam winners and popular poets from the South West.

The Art House Café Open Mic in Stokes Croft is up and running again after a hiatus due to venue refurbishments.  Now hosted by Tom Sastry. I mean to make more of these. The next is on this Friday, then every other Friday.

Bristolcon Fringe Open Mic: This is always a highlight of my year, and, for me, of Bristolcon itself. This year’s was no exception.

Story Friday, Burdall’s Yard, Bath. This is a top notch fiction night, I’ve not read at this but thoroughly enjoyed the first one I made it to, in December.

Milk Poetry: One of the South West’s leading poetry nights. I had a go at one of their Slams and lost, but it was great fun doing so and I was in good company!

In terms of workshops, I managed to get to some of the excellent Clockhouse London Writers workshops. These are particularly good because I always come away with some story ideas and story beginnings.

I also ran a couple of my own workshops in Didcot, at the Cornerstone Arts Centre, on Flash Fiction and Poetry.

So 2018 was a good year for events, and I’m hoping 2019 will be, too. I’ve already got a longer feature set on January 21st at Bristolcon Fringe, alongside the major Science Fiction writer Peter F Hamilton, and am planning on getting to as many spoken word nights as possible and have a couple more workshops lined up in Didcot.