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Mark studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Cardiff University. He has had short stories published in Scheherezade, Estronomicon, the Escape Velocity anthology and Full Fathom Forty, the anthology celebrating 40 years of the British Fantasy Society. He has also had poetry published in The Nail, and has had two pantomimes performed at the Unicorn Theatre in Abingdon. Mark is currently writing his second novel and seeking representation for the first. Mark’s first novel, The Posthumans is about future world where no-one is quite who they seem and people are replaced by clones at the whim of the corporations. This is likely to appeal to fans of Phillip K Dick. He runs Creative Writing workshops at the Cornerstone Arts Centre. Besides his writing, Mark has been an English Teacher, a DJ, an Investment Administrator and a Bookseller.

Mark is a member of:

Clockhouse London Writers

Oxford Freehand Writers:



  1. Like your biography. All the best. Gary Budgen

  2. I like the bio too. Good site. Will listen to the music later (when I’m not at work!)

    • Glad you like the bio, hope you like the music! Thanks for reading.

  3. I’m having trouble inserting YouTube URL into my posts. I think I upgraded to a new version of WordPress because things look different. Have you had similiar troubles?

    • To be honest I’ve never tried YouTube, I’ve only linked to Soundcloud which has been fine.

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