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I’ve had a go at the latest writing challenge by Christopher Fielden and Allen Ashley, the aim is to write (over) descriptively. As ever, this type of contrarian writing is a lot of fund to do.

Mine is number 77!

Why not have a go? When a 100 is reached they will be published in an anthology, with the proceeds going to a good charitable cause.

Who doesn’t like a bit of Nonsense? I’ve just taken part in the Nonsense Writing Challenge, the brief was basically to write a Nonsense story in under 200 words.

The details are here, my effort, ‘Troubled Waters’ is number 84!

Out now! The Four Seasons anthology by Kind of a Hurricane Press! Nothing to do with Frankie Valli, this is a collection of poems and stories on the theme of seasons and the effects they have on people. This includes my own story ‘The Quickening of Seasons’, about the effects of an environmental apolcalypse on the retail industry.
Also worth checking out for Allen Ashley‘s poem ‘Summer on Pluto’, and many other exciting pieces of seasonal writing.

Links below for ebook and also Amazon, should you like paper and ink.

My flash fiction ‘Schadenfreude’ has just been released in the themed anthology from Kind of a Hurricane Press, Life is a Rollercoaster.

The brief was to write a story on the theme of amusement parks.  My story is a bit of a satire, not an attraction you’d want to ride on…

Check out the latest edition of seinundwerden, Theatrum Diabolorum here:

This issue features the Clockhouse London Writers’ story The Clockhouse Players Present, which includes my own contribution, featuring the Devil himself!

New! My Piccadilly Circus flash fiction is featured on the latest audio release at The Casket of Fictional Delights:

The online magazine Apocrypha and Abstractions ‘Flash fiction musings for the literary minded’ have published my work ‘Mary and the Reptiles’.

This is my entry to Pink Mist’s flash fiction competition.  The challenge was to write a piece including the words ‘pink’ and ‘mist’ in under 111 words.  Great fun.

Darlene Danger.

I was pleased to receive my contributor copy of the latest Sein und Werden today.  The latest issue of the magazine of experimental Art and Literature, guest-edited by Rhys Hughes features my flash fiction Under the Clockwork Sun.

Here are the details:


BFS Journal Winter 2012/13 - Cover: Ben Baldwin

I was pleased to see this drop through my letter box this morning, featuring 6 word stories by the London Clockhouse Writers (including me!) plus a new poem by me, called ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’!