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Richard’s been busy! This track has been years in the making if you read Richard’s write-up on Soundcloud. Look out for the Depeche Mode reference.



New International Electromatics track with excellent electronic music and vocals by Richard.

Into the Water, let’s go back.


Richard Cook has been busy over Easter and completed another stomping International Electromatics track! The music this time is dancefloor-friendly EBM. See the link below for Richard’s musical inspirations and synths used.

As for the lyrics this time I was thinking of military science fiction, particularly Joe Haldeman’s Forever War and Robert Heinlein’s Starship Troopers. What struck me about these stories, beyond the tales of war was how isolated the people were, despite their noble aims and how ultimately despite their heroism they were essentially caught in a dystopian existence.

Consider this our welcome to the New Year! Richard’s produced a stomping EBM track with my lyrics which are hopefully suitably contemplative for the changeover between 2016 and 2017.

New track by International Electromatics, the electronic music project I provide lyrics for.

This is our most International moment yet with combined English and German lyrics. I always loved it when bands combined languages (hello Sisters of Mercy – Marian) and wanted to pay tribute to the great German electronic groups, particularly Kraftwerk and And One.

I love what Richard has done this with this one, creating a vibe reminiscent of very early Human League and a perfect atmosphere for the theme of losing yourself (or finding something transcendent) in clubbing.


Two new tracks out now on Soundcloud from International Electromatics and these represent a departure for us thematically and in terms of the working practice. Thematically we don’t stray too far from dystopia but we’re also looking at how the present is arguably dystopic. These are the first new songs from the latest batch and this time they all originated as lyrics, which Richard has then worked electronic and vocal wizardry on to make them into songs. Before it was a mixture or the music came first.


Compromise – New International Electromatics track out now. We end the year on a dystopian tack. The ultimate victory of the oppressor and defeat of the individual, when the citizen is turned against themself – compromise.


Death of a Resident

New track from International Electromatics includes my J G Ballard-inspired lyrics set to Richard Cook’s aggressive electronic music. Really impressed my Richard’s music and how this has turned out. Give it a listen if you like Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, DAF etc particularly, hell, give it a listen anyway!

I Promise

Companion track to ‘Death of a Resident’, this was about defiantly finding hope in a hopeless situation. Beautiful electronic music by Richard Cook. Give it a listen!

Two new tracks by International Electromatics the dystopian EBM project I am providing lyrics for with synthesiser virtuoso Richard Cook now on SoundCloud. Well worth a listen if you like dark electronic music!

Messages from the Satellites & Ritual of Us

New International Electromatics track now available on Sound Cloud:

This was the first track we started work on and it’s fantastic that it is now complete and out there.  Musically Richard has done a fine job of creating a sinister Electro Body Music track.  Lyrically we are still on the theme of dystopia, but this time looking at the flip side.  Even the worst dystopia is a paradise for somebody, in this case The Wolf.