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Richard’s been busy! This track has been years in the making if you read Richard’s write-up on Soundcloud. Look out for the Depeche Mode reference.




New International Electromatics track with excellent electronic music and vocals by Richard.

Into the Water, let’s go back.


Out Now! The fantastic Masks anthology which has a story by the Clockhouse London Writers, including myself!

An intriguing theme, great to be a part of, thirteen tales of mystery and imagination…

Masks cover

Two new tracks by International Electromatics the dystopian EBM project I am providing lyrics for with synthesiser virtuoso Richard Cook now on SoundCloud. Well worth a listen if you like dark electronic music!

Messages from the Satellites & Ritual of Us

New International Electromatics track now available on Sound Cloud:

This was the first track we started work on and it’s fantastic that it is now complete and out there.  Musically Richard has done a fine job of creating a sinister Electro Body Music track.  Lyrically we are still on the theme of dystopia, but this time looking at the flip side.  Even the worst dystopia is a paradise for somebody, in this case The Wolf.

New International Electromatics track uploaded to Soundcloud!  This is the latest result of the EBM/ Industrial music project with Richard Cook and this time we have a classic, brutal sound reminiscent of DAF or Nitzer Ebb.  Lyrics inhabiting the paranoid world of dystopia…

The online magazine Apocrypha and Abstractions ‘Flash fiction musings for the literary minded’ have published my work ‘Mary and the Reptiles’.

Have a listen to the new International ELectromatics track I’ve written lyrics for here.  Definitely worth a listen for anyone who appreciates  electronic music

New International Electromatics track uploaded!

A heartwarming tale of love in a beautiful world.  Not really.  Its the kind of EBM dystopia you would expect from International Electromatics!

New tracks available from International Electromatics, the dystopian EBM music project I write lyrics for: