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Check this out! The latest issue of Theaker’s Quarterly Fiction includes my competition-winning story ‘The Departure’. This was great fun to write as the aim was to write a story based on Howard Watts’ artwork. What sort of people were these, what was their world like and what could I extrapolate about their relationships based on the picture? I was sure the end of the world was involved somewhere, and possibly worse, family strife.

The first creative competition I’ve won since the South Wales Argus Transformers colouring competition. I remember I won a, er, Gobot (remember them?) with a windscreen for a face that transformed into a Volkswagen Beetle. The Robo Machine version of Bumblebee I guess.

Read it here, along with lots of exciting fiction and multimedia reviews: available for download in several formats plus print copy can be obtained:

It is guest edited by the zine’s long-time cover artist, Howard Watts, and includes stories inspired by his art, including competition winner “The Departure” by Mark Lewis, “Our Sad Triangle” by Len Saculla, and “The Stone Gods of Superspace” by Howard Phillips (a TQF crossover special featuring many friends from past issue), plus the more tangentially related “This Alien I” by Antonella Coriander and “The Little Shop That Sold My Heart”, and an entire weird novella from Anthony Thomson, “My Place”. Then a sixty-page review section features the work of Stephen Theaker, Douglas J. Ogurek, Jacob Edwards, Howard Watts and Rafe McGregor. The cover art is by Howard Watts.


My latest collaboration as part of the Clockhouse London Writers is out now!

I Sing the Body Acrostic, linked attached below is part of another fine issue of Sein und Werden!

In other news I’ve had a short ‘Interference’ accepted for the October issue of Morpheus Tales, watch this space!

Out Now! The fantastic Masks anthology which has a story by the Clockhouse London Writers, including myself!

An intriguing theme, great to be a part of, thirteen tales of mystery and imagination…

Masks cover

Print and eBook versions of Wordland 5 out now!

Includes ‘Synchronicity’, a short story collaboration between myself and Allen Ashley.

Print version here:

eBook here:

Check out the latest edition of seinundwerden, Theatrum Diabolorum here:

This issue features the Clockhouse London Writers’ story The Clockhouse Players Present, which includes my own contribution, featuring the Devil himself!

This is a collaborative piece of writing I was involved in, as part of the Clockhouse London Writers: Allen Ashley, Madeleine Beresford, Gary Budgen, Nick Wood, David Turnbull, and Sandra Unerman.  This was a lot of fun.  Basically it’s a technique pioneered by the Surrealists, it’s just like when you play that game where someone draws a head, folds over the paper, passes it to the next person who draws the body, and so on…

Here it is, published in the latest issue of Sein und Werden: