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I’ve not really been blogging very well for the last few months, although lots of good stuff has been happening writing-wise. A New Year’s resolution along with the obligatory one about the gym, perhaps?

Anyway, I usually do an annual round-up of books I’ve read. It’s not exhaustive and wouldn’t include books I’ve read to my daughter. Maybe I should, for 2018 as some of them are excellent.

It’s quite a personal list and does not include several books that I’ve started and discarded for various reasons. With ambitions like reading all of Philip K Dick’s published work I have to be very picky. So, if it is here I at least liked it enough to finish it.

Deus Irae: Phillip K Dick & Roger Zelazny

Edge of the Screen: Joel Lane

Is there life outside the Tardis?: Peter Davison

The New Czech Poetry: Eds. Jaroslav Cejka, Michael Cernik, Karen Sys

Time Bomb: Samuel K Andrews

Pulp Heroes: Ed. Mike Chinn

Face of Twilight: Mark Samuels

The World Jones Made: Phillip K Dick

Broken Bubble: Phillip K Dick

A Life of Phillip K Dick: Anthony Peake

The Unsettled Dust: Robert Aickmann

Dream Archipelago: Christopher Priest

The Martian: Andy Weir

Childhood’s End: Arthur C Clarke

The First 15 Lives of Harry August: Claire North

Dead Man’s Shoes: Mike Carey

The Organised Mind: Daniel Levitin

The Martian Chronicles: Ray Bradbury

The Outsider: Colin Wilson

The Descent of Man: Grayson Perry

The Establishment and How they Get Away With It: Owen Jones

Coraline: Neil Gaiman

This Is Not a Game: Walter Jon Williams

A Princess Diarist: Carrie Fisher

Stoner: John Williams

Mortality: Christopher Hitchens

The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses over the Hills: Charles Bukowski












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