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Not exhaustive as I didn’t plan to do this from the outset of last year. It only includes books I actually finished, as I tend to be quite picky. If I read a book it becomes a part of my psychic landscape for a little while so I treat what I read with some care, just as I should treat what I eat and drink. In no particular order:

Vicious Circle – Mike Carey
Superfolks – Robert Mayer
Whispers of the Underground – Ben Aaronovitch
Concrete Island – J G Ballard
Drive – James Sallis
Doctor Who: Synthespians – Craig Hinton
Apartment 16 – Adam Neville
Voices of the Street – Philip K. Dick
A Maze of Death – Phillip K Dick
Journey to the End of Night – Celine
Viriconium Nights – M John Harrison
Wonderbook – ed. Jeff Vandemeer
Twice Upon A Time – ed A J Huffman & April Salzano
Masks – ed. Dean M Drinkel
The Age of Ra – James Lovegrove
Dark Entries – Robert Aickmann
Astrologica Tales of the Zodiac – ed. Allen Ashley
Off the Coastal Path – ed. Jo Fletcher
Wordland 6 – ed. Terry Grimwood

For 2016 I already have 3 loaded bookshelves to start me off…

Note: this list does not include the fantastic but numerous books aimed at small children and read with my daughter.

Also does not include comics and graphic novels as they are too many!


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