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Au Pair

One side of an overheard mobile phone conversation.

Where have you been?
Well I suppose you feel better.
The house was beautiful
I’ve been thinking
We could get ourselves into a financial mess.
We should sit down.
And have a serious conversation.
I’ll get all the figures out.
She’s costing us a lot of money.
Not just her pay
But expenses;
Running her car.
I’m not suggesting we let her go now.
I’m not;
We promised to keep her
For a year; we’ll do that.
The children can cope
The school meals are good.
They can have ham sandwiches for tea
We could make a big daal at the weekend.
I’m not saying
We tell her to go now.
But when she does go again
It’s what she wants to do, she said,
Then tell her she doesn’t need to come back.
She’s only here for the work permit.
Of course we’ll need to take on a cleaner.
But just once every couple of weeks.
We’ll talk tonight
I know it’s a bad time.


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