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So, we’re not quite out of the woods with snow yet, with forecasts of snow not fulfilled (in this part of the country anyway.)

In memory of the snow, and the festival atmosphere that comes with the snow, here is the other snow-based Passengers entry:

Snow Day 2

Settled, patchy snow
on the platform;
sparsely populated train,
floor covered in melted splats.

A girl gets on, aqua-anorak,
Braided hairband holding back
a rain of blonde hair,
she carries a wooden toboggan.

Out of the window,
huddled close to the tracks,
schools, warehouses, streets
and allotments sleep
under the snow’s blanket.

In Wokingham car park,
one car
and one tyre
protrude from the snow.


One Comment

  1. Great work as ever. In Porth we still have snow in Morrisons car park.

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