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A topical one for the snowy weather we’re experiencing.

Snow Day

A thin covering of snow at Didcot:
sparkling carpet;
footprints of men and cats
lead to the train station.

Trains cancelled or delayed.
The 7:28 sits idle.
“Hello Joe”,
Passenger with grey suit, no tie,
“What do you mean
you’re not going in?
you’re crazy
it’s the credit crunch.
Things to do
We’ve got a meeting
Hold on-“
(He gets off the stationary train)
Whistle blows
Doors beep their warning
Train goes.
Through the window,
deserted white roads,
a smattering of stoic drivers.

Change at Reading,
a deeper pile carpet
snow spiralling down.
“All trains to Waterloo delayed
We apologise for the delay
this may cause.
to your journey.”

The warmth of the coffee shop;
melting commuters
decide one by one:
Go home.



  1. Great seasonal piece. Good work. I have done a snowy piece but it is not ready for human consumption yet.

  2. Glad you like it! I’ve another snow one to put up soon… Looking forward to reading your snowy piece.

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