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It’s not all about commuting.  The last train from London Paddington out to Oxford can be quite a special experience.

Fellow Travellers

The Midnight train to Oxford.

He sits with booted feet up
On faded blue, purple/ green-flecked seats.
He wears a plain black t-shirt and black jeans.
Arms folded stiffly across his chest,
He looks out of the window into the absolute
Black night.
Hair down to the collar of his t-shirt,
He wears round spectacles and a grumpy face.
Next to him is a discarded Guardian
And a saggy, faded blue rucksack.

Silence: For twenty minutes I did not realise
He was sitting opposite a woman
Until she started shouting.


One Comment

  1. Nice last line. I subscribed to your blog when you first set it up. I did not realize subscribing meant that it only told you. I have updated my settings now so it will tell me the moment you post. Keep up the good work. PS my new lap top is american.

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