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This is a poetry project I did in 2008, 2009.  It describes commuters observed and their behaviour as the Credit Crunch slid into peoples’ lives and started to bite.  It’s a series of snapshots of an interesting time.  It’s about me and my fellow travellers who, being British I never connected with on the daily commute, except during more extreme circumstances.

Commuters are travellers
Who never arrive

Passenger 1: Daily Commute

Didcot 7:10 to London Paddington
Platform 2
Reading 7:52 to Waterloo
Platform 4A
Do not disembark:
Lower Earley
Winnersh Triangle
Arrive in Bracknell 8:28
Then walk through
To Western Industrial Estate
Past the derelict 3M building,
Through the underpass
Then cross the main road
And carry on past
Empty new offices
Until you arrive at the glass tower.
Reverse in evening
Repeat until retirement.


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  1. Oh yeah.

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