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I read this on the BBC site – this is quite something.  A virtual massacre.  Bear with me, although this is in no way comparable to actual people being killed, it does make me think is something happening to the stories?  Are stories under attack?

There does seem to be an undercurrent at the moment in some cultural products of stories being under attack.

Stephen Fry once said “stories are the only access we have to truth on this planet.”  I’m with him on that one, and what happens when our stories go wrong?

World of Warcraft is essentially a massive shared narrative – and so many narrative threads will have been killed by this, not only online, but the imaginative worlds of the individuals they created their characters from.

The best examples I can think of where stories under attack is a theme is Mike Carey’s The Unwritten series and Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 2009.  If something is wrong in the world of stories, something is wrong with the world.  Maybe it is. I do believe that the world can be made a better – or worse place by the stories that people read, watch and experience.  Think of the Saw series, then think of The Cabin in the Woods, both powerful entertainments, but they are subject to quite a different world view.

Lets start the fight back by writing and living fantastic stories!


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